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From Our President

COVID, the supply chain, employment worries, vaccine mandates, political division, economic concerns…it seems as though our world is unraveling before our very eyes. In times like these a steady hand, the calm voice of reason, a knowledge and understanding of history coupled with decades of market, financial and economic experience become an invaluable asset. This is what drives us at TPG Planning and Asset Management.

2021 marks our second decade of truly boutique-style Independent Planning and Asset Management.  Our commitment to build a business dedicated to the needs of our clients - and not corporate profits - remains as prevalent today as it was when we first started. Being a boutique firm allows us more control of our day-to-day activities; no outside influence on decisions; the ability to focus on doing solely what is right for the client - not what is beneficial to corporate profits - and of course; the ability to spend more time with our clients and less time satisfying a never-ending series of corporate directives. 

I share that simply to say that while TPG Planning and Asset Management will compete with any Fortune 500 Wall Street Firm, we will do so by also holding dear to our core objective – truly personal relationships and accountability. Yes, we are well recognized in our industry. Yes, we are well recognized by our peers. Most importantly, however, we seek to be a value to our clients, not the other way around. We respect our clients, we take time with them, we get to know them and we appreciate them. Planning and Asset Management is more than numbers and charts, it’s personal. We get to know our clients so we can understand them and help them make prudent decisions. As we like to say, it’s not rocket science – it’s relational".

Lastly, I am very proud of the relationship between TPG and our Broker Dealer - Capital Investment Company. Capital is one of the largest Independent Broker Dealers in the country and TPG has been a Top 25 Firm with Capital since our inception. Capital has been a solid partner of ours since the beginning providing compliance, research, support, council, trade execution and practice advice. Prudent Planning and Asset Management doesn’t happen without these duties, and Capital does them brilliantly.

To our clients - thank you for your ongoing support, encouragement and referrals. Our firm doesn’t function without you and we appreciate your loyalty more than you know. To anyone looking for a firm that values the individual more than the account – welcome, now let’s get started!

Think. Plan. Grow.


Charles Pendergraft, II CMFC, CSNA
President/Chief Investment Strategist

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