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Our goal at TPG Planning and Asset Management is to provide outstanding customer service to the clients we serve. We certainly don’t do what we do for praise, but it is nice to be recognized for a job well done. We strive to provide our clients with an unmatched level of relational service and expertise, and to exceed all compliance standards and codes of conduct. In addition, we constantly seek to improve the quality and operating efficiency in all we do. This commitment to excellence is reflected in the many industry awards and memberships that TPG Planning and Asset Management has received through the years.

  • Forbes Top Financial Securities Professionals Nominee
  • Barron’s Financial Nominee, Top 50 Financial Advisers in North Carolina
  • Top 25 Firms - Capital Investment Companies
  • Wachovia Securities Leaders Circle Award
  • First Citizens Bank Investor Services President’s Club Member
  • Prudential Annuities Masters Council Member
  • Member – Financial Services Institute
  • Federated Investors President’s Club Member
  • NML/Baird Securities - The Essentials of Life Underwriting
  • Hartford Admiral’s Club Member
  • Wachovia Securities Silver Level for Outstanding Service Performance Award
  • Wachovia Insurance Company Council of Excellence Member
  • NML/Baird Securities - The Essentials of Disability Income
  • Wachovia Securities Managing Director
  • SunAmerica Leaders Circle Award
  • Wachovia Securities Top 100 Financial Advisors
  • Top 5 Firm – Capital Investment Companies
  • AIM Summit Club Member
  • NML/Baird Securities - Client Building
  • President's Council - Capital Investment Companies
  • Riversource Annuities Premier Club Member
  • Evergreen Investment Services Recognition of Outstanding Achievement Award
  • Wachovia Insurance Council of Excellence Member
  • AXA/Equitable Ambassadors of Excellence Honorary Member
  • First Citizens Bank Admiral’s Club Member
  • American Express Financial Group Premier Club Member
  • Million Dollar Producer
  • Wachovia Securities Top 50 Financial Advisors
  • NML/Baird Securities - Organized Personal Progress Program
  • Top 5 Firm – Capital Insurance Company
  • Glenbrook Life Elite Advisors Outstanding Sales Achievement Award
  • Wachovia Securities Top Annuity Producer
  • Lincoln Financial Distributors President’s Club Member
  • First Citizens Bank Investors Services Chairman’s Club Member
  • AXA/Equitable Distributors Award of Excellence
  • NML/Baird Securities - Seven Basic Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Wells Fargo Managing Director – Investments
  • Hartford Captain’s Club Member
  • College for Financial Planning – Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor
  • Wachovia Insurance Council of Excellence Top Annuity Sales Award
  • Federated Investors President’s Club Executive Circle Member
  • North Carolina Employment Security Commission Advisory Council Member
  • Wachovia Securities Premier Advisors Club
  • American Express Premier Club Member
  • NML/Baird Securities - The Essentials of Variable Contracts
  • Wachovia Securities Senior VP
  • Sun America Leaders Circle Member
  • Transamerica Financial Institutions Top of the Pyramid Award
  • First Citizens Bank Captain’s Club Member
  • Merrill Lynch Senior Vice President
  • First Citizen's Investor Services Top 10 Financial Advisors
  • Wachovia Securities Leaders Circle Award

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